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Who’s England’s number one striker?

Posted on February 22, 2016 at 12:30 pm

For once, England seem to be in a pretty good situation. We qualified with flying colours and Roy now has a number of goalscorers to choose between when we head to the Euros. Sturridge is back fit and scoring goals, Vardy has been completely relentless, whilst Kane is a regular name on the Tottenham scoresheet. There’s also the captain Rooney, whilst Welbeck is coming back into the mix, and it’s amazing to have so many talents to select from.

Out of these, it’s very difficult to choose the number one England striker. If we’re looking at experience you have to pick Rooney, if you’re looking for a consistent performer (when he’s fit) it’s Sturridge and if the decision is based on this year’s goals, it’s Vardy. For us, the partnership of Vardy and Sturridge is electrifying, whilst having Barkley just behind is a match made in heaven. As much as we appreciate what Wayne has done over the years, he’s just not good enough nowadays, and for us it’s time to move on.

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