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How sport has changed in 2020

Posted on July 14, 2020 at 2:35 pm

2020 has turned our world upside, lockdown occurred and this has had a massive impact on sports.

In March the United Kingdom was put into lockdown. This meant all sport was cancelled. We could only exercise once a day. This was tough for any athletic or sporty person.
However, lockdown restrictions are now slowly being lifted. But sports still haven’t gone back to the way it was before. Contact sports are still not allowed. For example boxing, this is because social distancing can not be followed.
From the end of May, people were allowed to meet up in groups of six. This means that sports like football can start. It will not be the same as before as you still need social distance. This means no tackling, only passing the ball to each other.

Sports have changed through 2020. On the plus side, exercise has been allowed throughout meaning we could still keep fit.

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