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Affordable Ways To Keep Fit This Summer

Posted on August 21, 2021 at 12:19 pm

Everyone wants a summer body, but not everyone has the spare cash to be able to afford to head out to the gym to achieve this dream. So, what are some affordable ways for us to keep fit this summer?

One affordable way to keep yourself fit this summer is to head out on some runs. Running is completely free, all you need is a decent pair of shoes and somewhere to run. Starting with small runs and gradually aiming for longer distances. You will notice your fitness improves over time. And there is nothing better than heading out in the summer sun, enjoying the fresh air on a run. The government are also running a couch to 5K program that helps you to improve your running fitness.

Another affordable way to improve your fitness this summer is by introducing yourself to a new sport. You do not need to sign up for any clubs, but this is beneficial if you want full training. But you can do this on your own or with friends. Football is one of the best sports for fitness as it uses most of your muscles. But you may also wish to go for weekly swimming sessions, ice skating, or anything in between.

Dance Around
The final affordable way to keep yourself fit this summer is to simply dance around! No, you don’t need dance classes. Simply putting on some music in your home and having a dance will keep you fit. It will help to keep you active which is much better than just sitting around all day long.

You don’t need to join any gym or club to keep yourself fit. Just find something you enjoy, or join a group of friends and keep each other active. All you need is motivation and movement to keep your fitness up this summer.

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Posting a Job Listing for a Football Scout

Posted on August 5, 2021 at 12:46 pm

Football scouts have unique and specialist skillsets and you don’t generally find football scouting jobs listed on regular job listing websites. Recruiting a football scout is a more specialist endeavour, which requires the use of the right websites and making sure the job listing itself is suitable when communicating with a football scout. Getting the job advertisement right will help to recruit the right person for the role and will be part of the process of attracting them to the position.

The are websites where football scouts can be recruited directly. These may be directory type websites, where you can find the details of scouts who work in your area, or equally, post job listing so that scouts can get in touch directly with you in response to your ad. The first part of the process involves identifying the right kind of website for advertising for a football scouting role – the second part is about writing the ideal job ad.

Good websites will usually be those that offer a good user experience for you. This might mean being able to browse football scouts by federation, as well as by other criteria that are relevant to your specific role. You might also want to generally browse the scouts who are listed so having a directory type of setup is always a good feature. Thus will help you to connect with scouts in a wide range of locations to suit your purpose.

You may prefer to post a job listing so that qualified football scouts can get in touch with you directly regarding the post. If so, there are some particular details you should include to make the experience of finding a football scout easier and to attract the right kinds of people to the open position.

Firstly, you should always include the fee as one of the first things in your listing (many websites will include this at the top anyway). They will need to know if it is a salaried position or if they will be paid for producing a report, or in some other way. You should also make it clear what the role will be doing. Will it be analysing opposition teams and their tactics, and looking at the players they have on their team? Will it involve working with video footage? Or perhaps it will include producing reports? Or perhaps it will involve working directly with one particular football team on their strategy and player recruitment.

Make it clear how much experience you will require if this is something that is applicable. Most football scouts will have their own niche anyway and it will be clear quickly whether they have performed similar roles before. If the role will allow a scout to use your databases, this is also something that is worth making clear. It is also important to communicate whether ticketing to games will be covered, which is often part of the listing is a scout is being recruited to attend games, rather than just looking at video footage.

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