Non-Contact Sports

Posted on August 23, 2020 at 11:51 am

What are non-contact sports?
Non-contact sports are any sport where people do not need to touch each other or go near each other. Other types of non-contact sports can also be single-person sports. They are good for people who want to be active but are worried about getting injured.

What are the best Non-contact sports?
1- Swimming
Swimming is one of my personal favourite non-contact sports. It is much more relaxing than some of the others. It also is a great exercise for all of your muscles.

2- Golf
Golf is another excellent non-contact sport. This is once again a very relaxing sport. It is good for exercising your arm muscles. This can as well become more competitive.

3- Tennis
This non-contact sport does require at least 2 people to play. However, it is a much more active sport than others. It allows you to move around much more. Tennis is also a good choice if you like something more competitive.

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