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Welcome to KD Sports, the sports and games blog which is dedicated to bringing you the latest news, articles and ideas. We update our posts regularly with interesting content, keeping you informed about professional sports and giving you inspiration about games you can play at home. Sports are an important part of our society and form a large part of how many people choose to spend their free time. Whether you watch sport, play sport or enjoy talking about sport with friends, we have plenty of articles which are relevant to you.


As one of the most popular sports across the world, how could football be absent from a sports blog? We write about what is going on in the sport, providing the latest news and updates on all of the most important happenings. There are topical posts on particular football teams and prominent matches, as well as tips for the more amateur footballer.


Fun is important in everybody’s life! One of the healthiest ways to have fun is through playing sports and games – it’s a good way of socialising, as well as keeping you fit. We have a number of ideas for having fun in the great outdoors, inspiring even the least enthusiastic of sports participants.

We collect together ideas for you, taking the effort out of deciding what to do so you can put all of your energy into the games you choose to play.


We don’t just limit ourselves to football – we post articles on a range of different sports. Our articles are written with a broad range of interests in mind so that we can cater for a wide audience who like a diverse range of topics.