Should Mourinho Get the Sack?

Posted on October 16, 2015 at 10:34 pm

With Chelsea sitting deep in the bottom half of the table, is it time for the board to sack Jose Mourinho? If any other Chelsea manager would be in his position, they would have already been kicked out the door, but it’s pretty tricky to sack one of the best managers in the world.

Mourinho believes he is the man to turn things around but the pressure is mounting, and even the majority of Chelsea fans want to see a change of personnel. Arsene Wenger will no doubt be happy to see his arch nemesis suffering, but how sad would it be to see Mourinho leave England again? Very.

We feel that sacking Jose would be a big gamble by the club, and it’s better to put faith in a manager with such an impressive record in the past. It’s the players who should be getting the axe this time round, because there form has been terrible!

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