The Best Summer Sports to Play

Posted on August 28, 2015 at 3:53 pm

Sport can be a great way to get outside and enjoy the summer weather throughout August and September. It can be enjoyable to get a big group of friends together, or you might want a game that just a couple of you can play. Whatever it is you fancy doing, we’ve come up with some summer sports to help you enjoy the sun:

1. Croquet. As few or as many people can play as you like, and croquet sets can be found for quite a low price on the internet.

2. Golf. A gold course is a beautiful place to be on a lovely sunny day.

3. Football. This one tends to get everyone feeling pretty competitive, and it’s good fun with a group of friends.

4. Tennis. It’s always on television during the summer months, so if you’ve been inspired, pick up a racket yourself and give it a go.

5. Swimming. This is an especially enjoyable pastime in the summer if you have an outdoor lido nearby. You can do it with friends, or on your own.

6. Frisbee. Casual enough to play anywhere, a game of frisbee is lively, energetic and great fun.

7. Rounders. If you have a larger group of people to entertain, a game of rounders will go down well. Many people will have played it before in school, but if anyone needs reminding of the rules, they’re very simple.

8. Running. It’s a great way to get out and see some lovely places during the summer months.

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