3 reasons to take up Yoga

Posted on August 21, 2017 at 7:27 am

Yoga is becoming a popular exercise for both men and women, with many benefits to your fitness and health, there really isn’t an excuse to not make it part of your fitness regime. Yoga is easy to add to your routine as it can be done at home with a DVD or in a group at a gym, whichever suits you best. We have outlined the top 3 main benefits of taking up Yoga:

Flexibility- While yoga improves posture, it also improves your own flexibility. As a beginner, you may start to see an improvement in your flexibility and begin to try more challenging poses.

Strength-Yoga certainly challenges your muscles as you have to learn to hold positions that you are not used to doing. You will use new muscles, and develop and tone all of your muscles.

Stress relief- Yoga helps to reduce stress levels as it can be seen as a form of meditation, some yoga classes focus more on relaxation while others challenge your muscles and flexibility.

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