How diet can improve your fitness

Posted on September 14, 2017 at 3:58 pm

Being fit and healthy is definitely a current phase and a really good one at that. With new fitness and health role models on social media, being fitter is made a little easier.

While regular exercise is good for improving your overall fitness, you can take your health one step further by introducing a healthy balanced diet into your daily life. Fad diets are a thing of the past, and meals full of good fats, protein and carbohydrates are well encouraged.

Your body requires all types of nutrients to survive, and while you up your level of exercise, your food consumption should follow. Eating too little, will starve your body of energy and cause you to fatigue early and generally decrease your health.  A balanced diet in combination with regular cardio and strength training will see your body at the fittest and healthiest it has ever been.

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