Making Pilates part of your regular exercise regime

Posted on July 29, 2017 at 9:06 am

Pilates exercises consist of different body movements, based on simple principles such as controlling your core, breathing techniques and body awareness. Pilates exercise is good if you are looking for a combination of mind and body exercises and can be tailored to your specific body needs.

The Pilates exercises are easy, cheap and convenient to include in your weekly exercise regime. Pilates can be done at the comfort of your home using a mat and a DVD video player or at the gym using the reformer machine or group class. Pilates exercises are good specifically for the core group of muscles, they strengthen the core muscle and help loose abdominal fat. They also increase joint flexibility, improve body posture and mobility and a good way to distress.

For beginners’ schedule in a Pilate workout once or twice a week to your normal regime and have an instructor help you to avoid injury. Make Pilates part of your exercise regime as a way to break off from the monotony of high-intensity cardio and heavy weightlifting session and to achieve a holistic body functioning.

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