What to Consider When Buying Your First Boxing kit

Posted on January 21, 2017 at 3:14 pm

So you’ve decided to take up boxing? You’re going to get in shape, tone up or improve your endurance and strength? That’s great! Boxing is a fun way to lose unwanted weight or chisel an already shapely physique. Now, before you run out and buy the entire emporium, there are some things to consider. Firstly, beginners don’t need everything available on the market to get a gratifying workout. Next, what do you need and how can you select these items? Any equipment, you purchase, should be evaluated for quality, durability, fit and comfort. Keep that in mind as you research brands, before buying. If you have a local boxing club, in your area, stop by and ask for tips from the proprietor or any friendly enthusiasts. Many of them will have been in the sport for years and can offer invaluable feedback on the best boxing kit, for you.

Any trainer, worth their salt, will tell you the following basic items needed for the beginner. You will need; hand wraps, bag gloves, a heavy bag, a skipping rope and a timer for at home practice. Once you incorporate sparring into your workout, you’ll also require; headgear, mouth guard, sparring gloves and a groin protector. Women should also invest in chest protection. Each of these supplies should conform to standards of quality, durability, fit and comfort. Another essential, to consider before stepping into the ring, is boxing shoes. However, you won’t need them until you’re ready to compete.

When selecting your boxing kit be sure it includes a good quality bag glove. These gloves are integral to your at-home or in-gym practice and can disintegrate on the bag if they aren’t durable. Purchasing a high quality leather bag mitt will ensure they last. Similarly, when selecting a kit, ensure the punching bag is made of genuine leather for years of abuse. Be sure any headgear, you invest in, will actually protect your head from damage and fits well. Overall, any boxing kit for beginners should provide maximum performance for the best value.

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